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Over the last year or so you have seen a lot of people out riding e-Trikes  -you get excited – go online and order the cheapest e-Trike you can find a month later it arrives and the problems start the following day as you assemble the new purchase – one month later, you hate it, don’t ride it  -it sits in the shed whilst you advertise it online looking for another sucker to pass it on to

e-Trikes are an investment, not a disposable item there are many options when buying overseas online but you cannot get a feel of how the e-trike rides, the quality or the honesty of whom you are dealing with

 Choose your e-Trike Dealer Wisely

  • Deal with a local Australian owned company KWOLITY New Age e-Trikes this gives you so many advantages when purchasing an e-Trike
  • You can speak with the dealer directly explain what you want – listen to his reasons for recommending you his product, he can talk you through your particular needs
  • KWOLITY e-Trikes are the safest tricycles on the market in Australia as they have the Tilting Mechanism as standard meaning you ride your tricycles as you would a bike -when you lean into a corner (which is a natural instinct) the frame leans with you whilst the rear wheels stay firmly on the ground
  • It is best to have an Australian owned company supporting you for years to come, buy from a dealer who conforms to all the Australian Standards thus giving you assurance of a reliable product, by supporting them they, in turn, support you and your e-Trike
  •  Reliable after-sales customer service is invaluable, when it is time to upgrade you know where to go for a fair deal and a KWOLITY product
  • You should think about longevity, speak to your dealer about the expected average lifespan of the e-Trike you are investing in
  • Ensure you can maintain your e-Trike easily, if you buy from an unknown source overseas online you could end up with a product made of the cheapest possible parts, with no support, no spare parts

 KWOLITY New Age e-Trikes are an Australian owned company, conforming to Australian Standards along with a history of customer support and a continued supply of spare parts


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