Common Questions

The KWOLITY e-Trike is fitted with a tilting frame mechanism which allows the rider to corner more safely and comfortably. By enabling the front of the e-Trike to tilt, while the rear wheels stay stable and firmly on the ground, the rider does not risk tipping over when turning a corner. The rider can lean into the corner in the same way they would on a bicycle, yet without the associated risks. The back wheels of other brands of e-Trike may lift when cornering, causing the trike to tumble over.

PAS, or pedal assistance, is an operating mode on an electric bike or trike which uses a motor to assist your pedaling, enabling a less strenuous ride. There are 3 levels of pedal assistance from the motor, each one assisting you to a different degree. Using the MODE button you can select from Low, Medium, or High. Pressing this button will scroll through the levels, simply stop on the one you’d like to select. The motor will then be activated upon pedaling, via a rotation sensor which senses when the pedals are being used.

Yes, the KWOLITY e-Trike has a ‘No Assistance’ mode which enables it to operate as a normal pedal tricycle. If you’d like to use this mode, simply do not press the power button before riding your e-Trike. This mode is useful if you’re using your trike for exercise purposes. When you feel you’ve done enough exercise, or if you encounter a hill which is two difficult to climb alone, pedal assistance is only a button press away. Simply press the power button to activate it once again.

The throttle mode on an electric trike is similar to a motorcycle or electric scooter, when it is engaged the motor provides power and propels the bike forward without the rider having to pedal. Use the throttle control gently, a small push will apply a small amount of power, pushing more will increase the power until the control is fully rotated and the full motor power is applied.

The KWOLITY e-Trike is fitted with a 3 Speed Nexus Internal Hub Gear, so there are a total of three gears.

 GEAR 1 is low and makes it easier to pedal (this gear is good for hills and rough terrain)

 GEAR 2 is medium, which sets a compromise between the benefits of the other two gears.

 Gear 3 is high and allows you to go faster (best used on flat, well paved ground).

To change gears, use the gear selector mounted on the left handlebar.

The maintenance of a KWOLITY e-Trike is very similar to an ordinary pedal bike. You will get the most longevity out of your e-Trike and its components if you keep the unit clean, oil the chain regularly, and check and refill tyre pressure regularly. We recommend you get your e-Trike serviced every 3 months or if you notice any problems.

It’s best to recharge the battery after each use as this keeps the battery fully charged and ready for the next outing. The battery of your e-Trike does not have to be empty to accept charge. Charging your e-Trike is simple: Turn off the power and remove the keys. Then connect the unit to a domestic power supply. Alternately, you can remove the battery from the unit and connect it to a domestic power supply.

A puncture to the tyre of your e-Trike can be repaired in much the same way as an ordinary bike tyre, using a standard puncture repair kit. The rear wheels have no electronic components, so removing one of these wheels to fix a puncture follows the same procedures as a normal bike. The front wheel of your e-Trike, however, does contain electronic components, so it is best to turn off and unplug the unit before removing this wheel. Further details are provided in the user guide supplied with every KWOLITY e-Trike.

A  KWOLITY e-Trike can be purchased, rented or leased.

If you’re interested in buying a KWOLITY e-Trike, they currently cost $2850 plus $75 delivery. You may pay this outright, or in four instalments of $712.50, paid every two months.

You can rent a KWOLITY e-Trike for $150 per month. The minimum rental period is 6 months, paid upfront, including $75 delivery fee. This option costs about the same as a single cup of coffee per day.

You may find cheaper e-Trikes on the market but, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. We’re confident that the KWOLITY e-Trike is easily the best among e-Trikes in a similar price range, thanks to the quality of its components, its long-term durability, and its vast array of useful and outstanding features.

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