Common Questions

The KWOLITY e- Trike is fitted with a tilting mechanism which aids the rider to corner more easily, using the tilting facility, also allows for greater stability when cornering, to avoid or reduce the risk of lifting a rear wheel

We designed the KWOLITY e-Trike to give the rider an enjoyable safe ride – as the trike comes into a corner,  the rider leans into the corner, similar to riding  a bicycle,  thus avoiding a fall as the rear wheels stay stable and flat on the ground, not as other e- trikes when cornering the rear wheels lift and may cause a  fall

There are 3 levels of pedal assistance from the motor, using the MODE button you can select from Low, Medium, High, pressing the button will scroll through the levels, the motor will then be activated upon pedalling, there is a rotation sensor located near the crank which senses when the pedals are being used, the speed and power will vary as the level is changed.

 To bring the vehicle to a halt, use the brakes.

No Assistance – Normal Pedal Tricycle If you plug in the battery but do not press the power button on the display your trike will now act and feel like a normal tricycle. This is useful when you are feeling fit at the start of a journey or using your trike for exercise purposes. Power is still only a button press away.

Use the throttle control gently, small push will apply a small amount of power, pushing more will increase the power until the control is fully rotated when full motor power will be applied.

Throttle assistance can also be used without pedalling

 The KWOLITY e-trike is fitted with; 3 Speed Nexus Internal Hub Gear

 GEAR number 1 is low and makes it easier to pedal (for hills and rough terrain)

 GEAR number 2 is medium to level varying/constant pedalling

 Gear number 3 is high and helps you to go faster (for use on level ground).

To change gears you use the selector mounted on the left handlebar.

The maintenance on a KWOLITY e-Trike is similar to an ordinary pedal bike in as much as it pays to keep the unit clean, oil the chain regularly, check tyre pressure, etc.

It pays to recharge the battery every time after use this keeps the battery fully charged and ready for the next outing – these batteries do not have to be empty to accept charge – the operation is simple.

  • Turn off the power remove the keys (to ensure the battery is not connected to e-trike by accident) charge battery whilst still on the unit by connecting domestic power supply
  • Remove battery from unit and recharge by connecting domestic power supply

If you do get a puncture you can carry out a puncture repair similar to an ordinary bike – there are no electronic components on the rear wheels their removal follows standard procedures as with normal bikes – however before removing the front wheel the motor needs to be unplugged and then reassembled in place after mending the tyre (see users guide supplied with KWOLITY e-Trike)

The E Trike can be purchased, rented or leased. For instance, you can rent in for 2 years at about the same as a cup of coffee per day. Currently retailing at $2850 plus delivery. You will find cheaper tricycles on the market but as the axiom goes ” you pay for what you get”. These are quality machines with outstanding features.

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