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After each KWOLITY electric tricycle is assembled in our factory, we always do a final inspection to ensure the quality, reliability and safety of every unit. We perform this inspection twice over before packing and dispatch, so when your KWOLITY e-trike arrives you can be confident that it’s ready for the road.

About us

Co-owners John and Graeme have both run successful commercial businesses for many years, however they wanted a new challenge. After a lot of deliberation they decided to enter one of the fastest growing business in the modern world – electric Bikes/Trikes

But John and Graeme didn’t just want to copy their competitors, they wanted to improve upon the standard e-bike/trike design to provide their customers with the best and safest models on the market. 

The KWOLITY electric tricycle simply outdoes the competition with its robust and adaptable tilting frame, designed specifically to prevent the rider and trike from tipping over. Whether you’re cycling for recreation, transport or just to carry the shopping home, the KWOLITY e-Trike will ensure you a smooth, comfortable and safe journey. It’s suitable for the whole family to use, whether they’re nine or ninety. Thanks to its inbuilt stability, it also caters well to those with disabilities that might make riding an ordinary bicycle difficult.

Additionally to these unique features, riding a KWOLITY e-Trike is also great fun! As the wind blows through your hair, you’ll be working wonders for your health and fitness. 

After designing the top e-Trike on the market, John and Graeme joined forces with a first class manufacturer who could meet their high standards of quality and reliability, and with that KWOLITY e-Trikes was born.

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