About Us

All KWOLITY electric tricycles are fully assembled on our line at the factory then the KWOLITY electric tricycles have a final inspection to ensure  the quality, reliability and safety of every unit is double checked before packing for dispatching to all spheres of the World

About us

Our  co- owners John and Graeme have both been in high pressure successful commercial businesses for many years however they wanted a new challenge  After a lot of deliberation they decided to enter the fastest growing business in the world today – electric Bikes/Trikes

Having decided the next stage was to decide on a particular genre of bike/trike and after much research they agreed to design a new electric tricycle- one that was superior in all ways to any other trike in the marketplace

The newly designed electric tricycle (e-TRIKE) had to be extremely strong, safe to ride, manufactured to AVOID tipping over going around corners, had to be extra comfortable, suitable for the whole family to use, whether young old, to use it for touring, transport and shopping , whilst at the same time giving enjoyment and gaining health

 It had to be an awesome experience to ride one of our e-TRIKEs

Next thing was to find a manufacturer that could meet out high manufacturing  standards, a company that could build to the high quality we demanded, and maintain that quality throughout every stage of production

We finally found and joined forces with a first class manufacturer we could trust to carry out our designs ….. KWOLITY e TRIKES was born

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