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I have just bought a kwolity e trike from John at kwolity for my 83 year old dad.

John was very patient and accommodating and did his best to get us a demo bike at very short notice over the summer period.

He applied no pressure to buy and was very easy to talk to. I will have to update my testimonial for after service, but so far everything has been awesome.

As for the e-trike, we purchased a white one.

The wheels were a little smaller than we expected and the trike is quite narrow, but this means it easily fits through openings.
The e-trike has a great feature with its ‘swivel/tilting’ mechanism which allows the rider to lean into and turn easily and safely.

The internal hub gears were a must for my father and although he expected 6, he has found the three to be ample to do the job.

My father told me he found the trike comfortable once he adjusted the seat and handle bars and after having tried a trike with no tilt, this one was a breeze to ride.

He found to ride without power for a start then gradually introducing power was the way to go as the trike has a bit of ‘get up and go’ and his first ride down to shops was no trouble. He used power only a few times as it was easy to just peddle.

We thought the e-trike was a great bike for a great price and I can’t wait to see how far dad goes on it.
Simone B
I purchased a KWOLITY e-TRIKE from John the sale was easy the service was great and as promised the Trike was delivered assembled and ready to go.

I am “ over the moon’ with it – the Trike is so easy to ride and maneuver, the exclusive tilting frame gives stability and a feeling of comfort – I am 78 years of age have a false ankle plus other illnesses and have not been on a bike for about 60 years - so I was a little hesitant when I first rode the trike however after about 10 minutes I felt my confidence returning as the trike moved with me – I knew I wouldn’t fall off

I now use the KWOLITY e-trike to go everywhere I go daily I can really recommend this company and the product to anyone
Charles D

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