How to Ride

Operating Instructions

1.       Check seat height and adjust for comfort and stability

2.       On far right hand side of handlebar, press lever towards the front of the Trike so as to unlock the tilting mechanism. Do not attempt to ride the Trike with the frame locked.

3.       Turn key on (side of battery)

4.       On left side of handlebars, check 4 red energy lights have illuminated

5.       Press “+” button” twice so that the mid range gear is selected (3 ranges, depending upon terrain and weight)

6.       On left side of handlebar, select gear 2

7.       Sit on the seat and press down on the pedal. The motor will start and the Trike will begin to move forward. Alternatively, using your right hand thumb, push the Accelorator forward and again, the Trike motor will activate and you will begin to move forward.

8.       Keep pedalling and you are on the way. Touch the brakes or stop pedalling, the motor will stop.

9.       Do not free wheel  down a hill, keep hands close to both brake handles and brake to slow to appropriate speed.

10.   When stopping, apply both brakes, front and back, gently but firmly. when parking press in the black lever on either brake handle, to lock the brake.

11.   In hill climbing, if necessary. turn the gear to 1, whereas for higher speed on the flat, turn to gear 3.

12.   In the same manner, energy power to the motor can be altered to either 1 or 3 by pressing the “plus” button.

13.   Energy range 1 will give extra torque for hill climbing  whereas Energy range 3 will improve speed with less pedalling.



Remember: Obey road rules, watch for other vehicles and get used to the Trike before attemting a higher speed.

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