KWOLITY e-Trike the SAFEST in Australia

Kwolity e-Trike

We think so! – as the safety features on the KWOLITY e-trike ensure safety and comfort for the rider which in gives the rider more confidence hence the rider controls the KWOLITY e-trike more efficiently.

What are these KWOLITY e-trike features that lead us to make such a claim,

  • The KWOLITY e-trike with specially designed Tilting Function

The KWOLITY e-trike is fitted with a Tilting Function – this is a function that enable the main frame to function as a bicycle enabling the rider to use their natural reflex of leaning into a corner when riding the KWOLITY e-trike yet the rear two wheels remain firmly on the ground allows the rider greater stability, avoiding the risk of the rider falling off when cornering, other tricycles DO NOT have this feature  

  • The KWOLITY e-trike is fitted with a rigid locking system.

When the KWOLITY e-trike is stationary the rider simply pushes a lever, and the e-trike returns to rigid frame when parking or storing the KWOLITY e-trike, apply the parking brakes on and the e-trike cannot roll away.  

  • The KWOLITY e-trike has a Lower Centre of Gravity

The KWOLITY e-trike has been designed with a low center of gravity to avoid spills when cornering also when mounting the KWOLITY e-trike you need only   lift your leg 27 cm to step over the lower bar then simply slide onto the seat and prepare for your ride.

  • Applying brakes automatically cuts out the electric motor.

 The KWOLITY e-trike is fitted with a 250-watt high torque front hub electric motor – this motor automatically cuts out the moment brakes are applied; the brake has power cut-off function – if either brake lever is pulled the power to the motor will be cut automatically.

  • The KWOLITY e-trike has Manual Throttle as standard equipment.

  The KWOLITY e-trike has a manual throttle fitted standard – the throttle is available all the time the power is switched on at the left handlebar display the throttle is handy to pull away from traffic lights or when starting on an incline the rider will pull away easily and is less likely to wobble thus safely pulling away then reverting to pedal assisted power when comfortable.

  • The KWOLITY e-trike is fitted with Lights as standard equipment.

Lights are provided on your KWOLITY e-trike. These are power-efficient LED units which achieve long life as both front and rear lights are connected to the e-trike battery – the lights can be used day or night being turned on at the power display on the left handlebar.

  • The KWOLITY Pedal assisted Power – PAS  

There are three (3) levels of pedal assistance from the motor, using the MODE button you can select from the low medium, or high, pressing the button will scroll through the levels, the motor will be activated by pedaling via a rotation sensor which senses the pedals are being used – the speed and power will vary as the levels are changed – to halt, stop pedaling and apply brakes.

In this article I have only mentioned a few of the outstanding features of the KWOLITY e-trike – the list is numerous however I have chosen these few to give the reader an idea without being bored by technical terms please feel free to contact Graeme 0418920782 or John 047106524


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