New age e-Trike (Alpine White)


The KWOLITY electric tricycle comes complete with two(2) shopping baskets which are able to carry up to 40 kg of shopping without overtasking either the rider or the KWOLITY electric tricycle – just nip down to the shops no parking problems plus you are toning up your fitness with no effort – remember the KWOLITY electric tricycle can be fitted with a baby seat to enable Baby to accompany Mum when she goes for a ride whether shopping, coffee with the girls, or simply for a ride to sight-see and tone up

KWOLITY electric tricycles have all these added features as standard many other tricycles do not:

  • Front and Rear Mudguards
  • Chain Guard
  • Front and Rear LED lights automatically illuminated when battery in use
  • Tilting Frame Function Mechanism or Rigid ride
  • Hand throttle to take off easily from traffic lights (no need to pedal)
  • Many other exclusive features


Kwolity e-Trike features

1. Brake lever
2. Tilting lock lever
3. Nexus 3 gears shifter
4. LED display
5. Grip
6. Front basket
7. Front light
8. Front brake
9. Front tire 20”
10. Motor cable
11. Frame
12. Front mudguard
13. Chain
14. Saddle
15. Seatpost

16. Seat Height Adjuster
17. Rear basket
18. Battery
19. Rear mudguard
20. Rear tire 20”
21. Rim
22. Pedal
23. Chainwheel & crank
24. Motor
25. Chain guard
26. Reflector
27. Spoke
28. Handlebar
29. Handle stem

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