Kwolity Mobility Scooters

Safety Instructions for Mobility Scooter

1. Please read the manual carefully to understand the performance and relevant requirements of this product.

2. Check the tires: Check whether the tire pressure is adequacy, if not, they need to be inflated to normal condition. Check whether the tires are over-worn. If the central grooves are less than 2mm or the surface of the tire is rimous or outworn, change the tires immediately to avoid slipping on a wet and smooth road.

3. Check the electrical system: Check whether the battery can support your required mileage; if not, charge before your ride. Check whether the meter needles and indicator lights work well; if not, troubleshooting before your ride.

4. Check the brake system: Check whether the brake and the function of the brake to cut power are normal. If the power can not cut when braking, please do not ride and send the bicycle to the authorized maintenance center.

5. Check other items: Check whether the whole bicycle’s (especially the F/R wheel) screws are tightened; whether the handlebar and saddle are well adjusted; whether the wheel lock is open; whether the kickstand is in right place; whether the rearview mirror angle is suitable.

  •  Vehicle Max loading:100kg 
  • Carrier max loading 10kg 
  • Cycling steering speed do not exceed 6km/h, to avoid security risks caused by fast riding.
  • While reversing, please pay attention to the surroundings behind you.

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